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66. Song of the Raven (part 1 of 2)

Season: 4
First Air Date: 19 March 1999 (Sci Fi Channel)
Alternate Title(s): Auge um Auge (German)
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"Derek suspects that an inmate on Death Row is responsible for a series of killings identical to those which he was convicted." -



Derek de Lint

"Dr. Derek Rayne, Ph D"

Helen Shaver "Dr. Rachel Corrigan, MD"
Martin Cummins "Nick Boyle"
Robbi Chong "Alexandra (Alex) Moreau"
Guest Actors


Jeff Kober "Raymond Corvus"
Tamara Gorski "Megan Torrence"
Michael Reilly Burke "Jeffrey Sandor (Jennifer's fiance)"
Claire Lapinskie "Jennifer Hollybrook"
Scott Swanson "Warden Taylor"
Michael Kopsa "Father Norman (gave Corvus last rites)"
Doctor Reese "Henry Watson"
Sam Shadrack "Charles Siegel"
Derek Peakman "Mr. Kellog(?)"
Don Thompson "Horace Favor"
Co-Executive Producer Garner Simmons
Co-Executive Producer Grant Rosenberg
Producer David Tynan
Produced by Robert Petrovicz

David Tynan

Director Garner Simmons
This description by:

Susan Snead (1999)




The show opens with a scene of a man sitting in his prison cell in a kind of trance.


Home of Horace Favor, District Attorney. Horace Favor is in his night clothes but hears a noise and comes to investigate. He finds a raven sitting in his open window and tries to chase him away with a 9 iron golf club. Instead some dark spirit comes from the raven and attacks the man. The scene closes with something like red smoke going into his eyes and his screaming.


Nick is sitting at the black Yale Baby Grand Piano discussing with Alex a man in Russia who killed only to get the livers of his victims. He always ate the livers, never another organ- very selective. Derek says that in this instance the murder victim lost his eyes exclusively. Nick asks if there wasn't a serial killer that did that - the Harvester. Derek says that Raymond Corvus, the Harvester, was convicted 5 years ago(more like 3 years) and sentenced to death. He was currently awaiting execution at San Quentin. Alex asks if he is sure that this Corvus has not escaped and Derek answers "absolutely'". But that his sources say that the new victims were all killed in the same manner with no visible signs of injury. The actual cause of death is a mystery.

Nick asks if this could be the work of a copy cat killer. Derek says possibly but the police do not have a clue. The latest victim was in Mendocino - a D.A. named Favor. Derek wants Alex and Nick to head up there and see what they can find out what they can. Alex say that she loves Mendocino this time of year and Nick says to give them a few days and they will fix that. Meanwhile, Derek has an appointment with Avery Cotsworth, himself, in half an hour. Cotsworth is thinking of selling his collection of Sumarian artifacts and wants an appraisal.

Private Collection (Not open to the Public) (then why put up a sign)

A young woman is holding a rare, antique vase when a gallery employee walks up to her. She tells him her name is Torrence(with 2 r's) - Megan Torrence. She would like to see Mr. Cotsworth. The employee tells her that Mr. Cotsworth has never granted an interview ever. Miss Torrence replies that there is always a first time. He goes on to tell her that Mr. Cotsworth is expecting a specialist in Sumarian artifacts. She questions him on who the person is and he tells her that it is Prof. Derek Rayne. She says that she is an old friend of Derek's and that she is sure that Mr. Cotsworth would reconsider. The employee goes off to check with Mr. Cotsworth while the young woman checks her look in the reflection of a painting. She sees another man standing behind her and turns suddenly almost knocking off another valuable urn. They both make a grab for the urn and stand there looking at each other rather surprised. Derek smiles and laughingly says he did not mean to startle her.

Megan tells this man that she has a perfectly legitimate reason for being here. He says " You do?" - clearly intrigued. And she tells him that she is with Prof. Derek Rayne. Derek says "I see-- Indeed." He goes on to say that he thinks he has heard of that Rayne fellow, and he asks if she knows him well. Without hesitation she says that they attended school together. Derek says 'I see' again and then asks 'Which school would that be?' She replies 'Harvard'.

Derek says 'ah, the Crimson - must be confusing him with the Rayne who went to Oxford'. Megan says that is understandable and that everyone does. Derek continues to quiz Megan by asking if he is a short guy, bald, glasses, a little on the fat side, what you would call a 'geek'. Megan doesn't answer and Derek continues asking what her business with Cotsworth is since he rarely sees a soul. Megan recites that Cotsworth's isolation has turned him into a myth; she believes that people ought to know the truth about Cotsworth and that he deserves to be understood. Derek then says 'you are a reporter'. Megan says that she is a print journalist, actually, and introduces herself.

The employee comes up at that moment and says that Mr. Cotsworth will see 'you' immediately. They both turn to go with the employee and run up against each other. They both stand there a minute and the employee says that only Prof. Rayne is expected. Megan says, 'look, Prof. Rayne...'. But Derek interrupts her to say ' (Call me)Derek, please, we are old friends'. Then Megan asks if there is a graceful way to get out of this. Derek replies that he doubts it. He turns to go with the employee then stops and turns back to Megan. He says that he thought she wanted to meet Cotsworth(the employee looks a little put out). Megan glances at the employee and asks if Derek is serious. He says she has made it this far and to come ahead and he will introduce her and they go in together.

Morgue, Mendocino

The coroner is showing Nick and Alex a picture of the dead D.A.. His eyesockets are empty and red. Nick

says that he looks just like the others and the coroner says exactly the same. Both optical obits were completely excised - a very thorough job. A real work of art Alex comments and the coroner agrees and begins to tell her the story of the Russian who ate livers. Nick looks at Alex over the man's shoulder with an amused expression.

Alex asks if anything else was found at the murder scene and he shows her some black feathers. He says these were at two of the three locations. Nick asked about the method of eye removal. He wants to know if they were surgically removed and the coroner says that they were cauterized. Nick wants to know if he has any theory on how they were burned out and the coroner says he that he is at a loss.


Derek drives up and enters the house. He finds Rachel flinging files into her briefcase. He tells her he has been trying to reach her all morning. She says that her cell phone died and that it has been a hell of a day. He asks her what was wrong. Rachel says that she had planned for quite some time to lead Kat's class trip to Washington DC. But now she has been requested to perform the most repulsive duty of her profession - attest to the state of mind of a convicted serial killer - Raymond Corvus. Derek says "The Harvester" who is on death row at San Quentin. Rachel continues that if he is found to be to crazy to understand what is happening to him then the state might commute his sentence to life.

Derek asks Rachel what she knows about Corvus. She says that she knows his last victim was the psychiatrist that was treating him. Derek said that he had heard that and he was sorry. Rachel says that this guy is a real peach but if he is insane then she could not let the state put him to death. She then exclaims that she hates her job and why did they choose her.

Derek says because you are a member of the Legacy. Rachel is beyond shocked. She asks if he arranged this without discussing it with her. He says that he could not get in touch with her and he had to make a decision. ( A good thing he made it before she left the next day for DC). He said that something or someone is committing murders in exactly the same manner as Corvus. And that Rachel was their only chance to contact him directly.

Rachel is fuming when she says that she is the only mother that Kat has and this was time she had planned to spend with her. Derek states heatedly that she does not have to do this as she leaves the house angrily and she replies, "The hell I don't".


The Warden and two officers are walking toward Corvus' cell. The prisoner taunts the Warden about being inadequate. The Warden tells him he is going to have a visitor. Corvus says that he can't wait to meet her and the Warden said that he did not say it was a woman. But Corvus says he can feel her coming this way at that moment. The Warden tells Corvus that when his heart finally stops beating that he is going to pop a cold one and celebrate. As the Warden walks away, Corvus says to himself - Not for long, Warden, not for long.


Rachel enters the interview room where Corvus sits chained hand and foot. She calls him Raymond and asks if she can sit down. He says that he must know her first name if she is going to use his. It would not be an equal relationship unless he knows her name. She tells him fair enough and tells him her name. He tells her a joke but she is not amused. She asks if he understands what is going on. He replies 'Absolutely'. He continues that the real question is 'Do You'. He talks briefly about her trying to look into the heart of darkness and he describes how brains look - like folds and folds of lavender silk...quite lovely. But he then says that the eyes are more beautiful still and he asks her if anyone had ever told her that she had beautiful eyes?

Rachel says that they are here to talk about her and does he understand what is going to happen to him. He gives her a detailed account of how the execution is going to proceed. And Rachel wants to know if he understands that the substance they will inject into him will kill him. Corvus replies that death is a temporary condition and he rubs his fingers along his eyebrow in a trademark gesture. Then he asks if Rachel does not believe in the eternal nature of the human soul. But Rachel continues asking if he believes that he will somehow survive the execution. How will that work?

Corvus does not answer her question but instead asks if she likes to dance? ...the tango?

Rachel replies that the dance is too showy for her....attention his crimes.

Corvus replies that he only did what was more and no less.

Rachel then states that he then fails to grasp his situation here. Corvus says if that were the case then he would be crazy and that he would have to spend the rest of his days locked in here. Then he asks if Rachel wants him dead.

Rachel responds by asking him if like playing crazy and he says let's see who is playing and he begins to describe her situation. She is a alone, divorced no widowed. He asks her if she blames herself just a little and she says that the interview is over. Before he is taken from the room by two guards, he reminds her that she did not ask about the murders outside. She said that she did not have to since no one would work with him. He leaves the room laughing.


Alex and Nick are reviewing the earlier murders....they list the victims as Marvin W. Schutt - a witness that placed Corvus on the scene; and Cynthia Makepeace - the arresting officer. Then the latest victim was the D.A. Favor who prosecuted the case. All of the murders were committed at night.


Corvus is speaking to a raven sitting in his jail cell window - no screens or glass - and he tells the raven he has seen the face of the one that will set us free....Dr. Rachel Corrigan.


Alex and Nick are still reviewing the murders. Alex says that all of the victims were either involved in the arrest or with trial of Corvus. Nick says that he would consider it some kind of revenge killing except that Corvus was still in jail. Maybe he had a younger brother who was upset with the system. Alex says that Corvus has no family and lived alone. He taught biology.

Then Nick says that maybe we are looking at this wrong. It is a pretty short list of potential victims. Maybe we should give them a call and see they have noticed anything hinky. Alex brings up the list of people involved and Nick picks out Jennifer Hollybrook. He is interested in why she asked to be excused from the jury. They might learn something from Jennifer that would give them a clue to the killer.


Rachel is ranting about the fact that a man murders people and we wonder if he is sane enough to be put to death. Derek asks what was her sense of him and she replies that he thinks he has extraordinary powers. He was playing with me. She says that she went up there thinking he was crazy but now she don't know anymore. She says that she would be the one putting him to death and Derek says that no, the state would be. She decides that she will have to see him again. She still thinks the murders are being done by a Corvus wannabe.


Alex and Nick go to her house and speak to her at her front door. They tell her that they are investigating privately the recent murders in Mendocino and want to ask her some questions about Raymond Corvus. She replies that the trial was nearly 3 years ago and besides she had left the jury. They ask why she left the jury and she said that it was because Corvus looked at her. She said when she saw his eyes she knew that he had committed those terrible things. It felt like he was inside my head. I felt ....

Alex supplies the word "violated" and Jennifer nods in agreement. She says that she tried to tell the police but that they did not understand. She said that she still had dreams of him coming to get her. She just wants to put all of that behind her and that she sees no point in their offer of help.

At this point, Jeffrey Sandor comes up on the porch and meets Alex and Nick. Jennifer says that he is her friend and Nick introduces himself and Alex to Jeffrey. Then the two Legacy members leave them together. Jeffrey asked her what that was all about and Jennifer says nothing and begins to talk about why he is not writing. He says he was taking a break


Derek and Megan are walking along and talking. Megan says that she is glad that Derek could make time to see her. She asks him exactly what it is that he does besides authenticating ancient artifacts. He replies that his work for the Luna Foundation takes up most of his time. She calls him on that one saying that was a non-answer if she had ever heard one. She then begins to recount her information on him....

Prof. Derek Rayne, anthropologist; Graduated Oxford - Magna Cum Laude; Suspended several times - once for hitting a teacher right in the nose. They both laugh at this statement. Derek replies that his school days were somewhat 'opinionated'.

Megan continues her evaluation of him by observing that he seems to keep in shape and is not exactly what she would call a 'geek'. Derek asks if she found no scandals, nothing compromising? Megan replied that she had not checked his tax return or rifled through his trash but surprisingly she had found nothing. This would prove that she is not a member of the darkside.

Derek seems amused and says that he always suspected that he led a boring life. Megan looks appraising at him and says that somehow she doubts that. She continues that nothing attracts a reporter like a man of mysteries. Derek asked what mystery would that be and she says that she would get to them by and by. Meanwhile Derek has stopped walking and they are now face to face. The conversation continues as they gaze into each others eyes - like to adversaries sizing each other up. Megan says that she thinks that there is definitely something here that merits a closer inspection. So Derek moves a little closer and says that she may be disappointed as he tilts his head toward hers.

Megan is angling toward Derek as she says that is a chance I am willing to take. They are about to kiss - their lips touch lightly - when Derek gets a phone call. He politely excuses himself and answers his phone. Megan takes it in stride as she says 'Timing'. Derek tells Nick that, of course, he was not interrupting anything....when has Nick ever asked that? - Megan takes note of that statement as Derek asks how things are in Mendocino.

When the call is over, he returns to his conversation by asking Megan, 'so are you?' And she coolly says

'what?'. Derek says 'Disappointed?'. And Megan says yes. (go girl) But only because she had to meet her editor in half an hour. Then ever the reporter, she ask 'By the way, what is in Mendocino?'

Derek responds just as coolly, 'oh, some really lovely scenery.' As Megan turns to walk off she calls, "I'll be seeing you, Prof. Rayne'. Derek replies that he hopes so.


Corvus is kneeling in his cell and looking up at his screenless window. He calls the raven to come to him. The bird arrives and he tells it that he needs just one more and then he will be ready.


Jennifer Hollybrook is leaving her house at night alone. She approaches her car and brings her key up to unlock the car when the sound of the raven is heard. She looks up and falls to the ground as the spirit comes upon her. She dies.


Rachel has arrived to have her second interview with Corvus. He asks if she finds his personality magnetic or is she strangely attracted to him? Rachel tells him that he is not that unique. She tells him that she is there to find the truth. Corvus begins to tell her the truth.

He asks if she believes in predestination. Rachel asks if he believes that he was predestined to commit these murders? Corvus continues to tell her that these were not murders. There are some people who are marked from birth to be victims, prey, and there are those that are hunters.

Rachel asks if he is one of the hunters. Corvus tells her the truth that he is one of an ancient race and that he is waiting for the day when the earth is once more ruled by the hunters. Rachel makes light of this remark by saying 'right, you and T-rex.

Then Rachel tells him that she just does not buy it - that it is just a way to justify the atrocities that he had committed. Corvus resumes his normal joking demeanor and says '' Everyone's a Critic.' and the he says that she mocks what she does not understand.

He leans forward and tells Rachel that he thinks that she is like him - a hunter. Rachel says that she is not at all like him. To prove his statement he says that he will tell her his secret. He leans over the table as if to whisper to her and licks her face, instead. She yells and the guards come in to restrain him.

As the guards begin to take him from the room, he tells Rachel that she has borne children - that he could tell by the taste of her. Then he says that she has a daughter - about 12 years old - and that he would like to spend time with them both. Rachel slaps him and tells him that if he ever says anything about her daughter she will.....

Corvus yells back at her..."What....Kill me....Just say the word, Doc." He is laughing when he leaves her.


Derek and Megan in another intimate setting. She is sipping a glass of white wine but the table is clear. Perhaps they have just finished having lunch. He asks how she was able to get an interview with Corvus. Megan says she put in a request and Corvus granted it. Maybe Derek should have tried this himself.

Derek tells her that Raymond Corvus is deranged.

Megan says 'Really, I am a reporter remember. Then Derek says that Corvus is more than just a serial killer. Megan says 'right ... I heard you talking to your friend in Mendocino. You are investigating the copy cat murders.

Derek says that on occasion the Luna Foundation does consulting work.

Megan says ' Sure, and I work for Better Homes and Gardens'. This makes Derek smile or else he sees that his usual form of persuasion is not going to work on her. Derek continues by telling her that he would prefer that she not be involved in this. Raymond Corvus is an extremely dangerous man.

Megan asks in return if there is anything else he would care to share with her.

Derek returns to the old line ' There is nothing more I can tell you.'.

Megan picks up on this and replies 'can't or won't?'. She gives him her best pouting expression and gets up to leave him there in the cafe. As she leaves she tells him that he has her cell phone number. Give her a call if you change your mind or stop by when you are up that way. And she leaves him standing there in the cafe.


Nick get a call from Derek who asks if they are making progress. Nick replies only if he counts a rising body as count progress, but on the bright side if this keeps up the real estate in Mendocino was going to be a bargain. Then Nick tells Derek that Jennifer Hollybrook, the jury member they had talked with, was the most recent victim. Derek says that he is beginning to believe that Corvus is directly responsible. Derek says that he thinks the answer is tied to the feathers. Nick says more to himself than Derek "This oughta be good". Derek back at the Legacy House on the computer is looking at information on Indian tribes in that area. He said that a local tribe, the Chiapassi, practiced soul migration. They would go into a trance and their spirit would leave their body in the form of a wolf or a raven to hunt.

Nick wanted to know what they would hunt. Derek said that they were hunting for the souls of their enemies which they would gather up by tearing out their eyes. But the Chiapassi have been extinct for 300 years. More than likely this Corvus is possessed by the same evil spirit.


Rachel returns to the house after midnight. She gets a call from Kat who reminds her that it is cheaper to call after midnight. They talk about the Washington trip and what she saw that day. As Rachel is saying goodbye to Kat,. she hears a loud rushing noise like a fast moving jet outside of her window. Then the spirit is in the room with her and attacking her. Meanwhile, Derek is sitting quietly working at his desk with a small candle burning more for company than light. She screams for Derek and he comes quickly kicking down her door with just one kick. This evidently is enough to cause the spirit to leave since it must like to kill in private. Rachel tells Derek that she was sure it was Corvus because she could smell him. That is one clue that was never explained...a spirit that has a human smell. She said he was here and he was choking me.


Same night, Megan is having her interview with Corvus. Corvus tells her he is glad to meet her. She asks if he has read her work and he replies that he has. Her articles on Son of Sam, Bundy, little Jeffrey Dahlmer were very insightful as far as they went. Megan replied that she tried to do her research. Corvus tells her that she tries to tell the truth.

Megan then asks why he kept her waiting 3 hours before he would see her. He said because what he had to say would not take long. Then he asks if she was going to be present at the execution and she said that she was. She asked if he would mind and he said no that, in fact, he insist that she be present. She asks why was it for his own personal glory? And Corvus said so that some day people will understand.

And now you have something to ask me. Megan asks if he is afraid to die and he, in turn, asks if she would be. She replies that she would be afraid and he tells her that is the difference between them. Then she asked if he really committed all of the murders that he was convicted of....we never know the exact number.. Corvus tells her he did kill those and more. He said that he had killed scores of people - more than you can possibly imagine. Only they weren't murders - they were necessary. Megan asks then why did you do it. He said it was for life, power, things you can't understand.

Megan says 'try me' and Corvus begins to tell her his true story. He says that those other serial killers were not in his league. He told her that the truly great ones move among you unseen, unrecognized. They never get caught.

Megan says that he was caught and he says only momentarily. Megan asks then what was he saying? Did he expect to survive the execution - that Raymond Corvus was immortal?

Corvus tells Megan that she doubts him. Megan says that she thinks he is as crazy as an outhouse rat. That amuses Corvus but the exact level of insanity of the rat was lost on me. Corvus says then we will just have to show you .

The warden comes with some guards and tell them that it is time. Corvus is removed from his cell while Megan is standing there and he gets in her face to say -'They never get caught'. The group then begins to walk to the execution chamber and Megan goes to her front row seat in the viewing room.


Derek and Rachel are standing together looking at the large grandfather clock apparently holding a vigil until Corvus is declared dead. Derek says that if he truly has evil powers then they may die with him. Rachel states that after what he said about her daughter she wants him dead.


The priest is with Corvus and says to him 'It is late, my son, but there is still time for you'.

Corvus responds, 'yea, about 2 minutes and I'm not your son.' Then he states he wants to get this over with and the curtains open. Megan is sitting there with several other witnesses for the execution. The warden asks if he has any last words. Corvus tells the warden 'not to choke on that cold one. But don't worry about me because I am a survivor. So do me a favor and kill me now and set me free.'

The warden replies. ' you got it'. The Priest begins to hum "Rock of Ages" as the doctor prepares the injection site in Corvus' arm. Before the poison has been administered , Corvus plays dead and startles the doctor. The doctor is not amused and Corvus tells him that he will remember him.

When the doctor goes to plug in the tube to Corvus' arm, the tattoo of the raven is still on his arm. Then Corvus looks right at Megan and says ' They never get caught - They never get caught'. Megan finishes that last phrase with him. The poison is administered and he dies looking right at Megan.


Derek and Rachel watch the hands of the clock until they pass midnight. Rachel then nods her head and says to herself that it is over and she leaves the room..


Megan continues to stare at the body as other witnesses are leaving the room. The Warden looks over at her at the just the moment that something shimmers over the body and is gone. Megan asks if he saw that and the Warden asks 'see what?' Megan just says 'nothing'. The camera shows that the tattoo on his arm also disappeared at that time.


Jennifer Hollybrook Funeral

Alex is talking to Nick on her cell phone telling him that she is still at Jennifer's funeral. The service had just finished and people are beginning to leave. Alex happens to see Jeffrey Sandor, Jennifer's friend, sitting by himself feeding some pigeons. She tells Nick that she will see him later at the motel and walks over to Jeffrey. She reminds him that they had met at Jennifer's and then says that the birds seem to like him. He is feeding them when we see that the tattoo now is on the inside of his wrist. He stands to thank her for coming. She asks if he will be all right and he says that he is a survivor. Then she asks if he would like to talk about Jennifer and he says that he would like that. They walk off together discussing Jennifer.

Then come the dreaded words.... To Be Continued

Description last revised: July 1999