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72. Double Cross (Part 2 of 2)

Season: 4
First Air Date: 30 April 1999 (Sci Fi Channel)
(This was *suppose* to be the second of a two part season opener but Sci Fi aired Song of the Raven and Bird of Prey.)
Alternate Title(s): Doppeltes Spiel (German)
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Cross proceeds with the Darkside's scheme to infiltrate the Legacy by being appointed interim precept while the San Francisco House members mourn Derek's apparent suicide.



Derek de Lint

"Dr. Derek Rayne, Ph D"

Helen Shaver "Dr. Rachel Corrigan, MD"
Martin Cummins "Nick Boyle"
Robbi Chong "Alexandra (Alex) Moreau"
Kristin Lehman "Kristin Adams "
Guest Actors


Simon MacCorkindale "Reed Horton"
Stewart Finlay-McLennan "Franklin Cross" / "Reed Horton"
Fionnula Flanagan The Older Woman (from "Darkside")
Elizabeth Shepherd "Boston Precept, Jane Witherspoon"
Mavor Moore "Arthur Middleton"
Co-Executive Producer Garner Simmons
Co-Executive Producer Grant Rosenberg
Producer David Tynan
Produced by Robert Petrovicz

Grant Rosenberg

Director Michael Robison
This description by:

Lauro O.



DOUBLE CROSS Teaser: Cliffside: Horton is gloating at the side of the cliff. He thinks about recent events (presented as a series of flashbacks to "The Traitor"). The demon woman joins him and warns him not to forget who is truly in charge and who gave Horton the opportunity to kill Derek. She strokes Horton's cheek and vanishes, leaving Horton looking worried.

Act One

Cliffside: Nick sits at the edge of the cliff, gazing out at the water. Alex joins him. She is extremely distraught and blames herself for Derek's death. Nick consoles her and then leaves her there. Alex is practically in shock. She wonders how Derek could have nurtured her for so many years, teaching her right from wrong, but all the while leading a secret double life. She can't make sense of it. Sadly, she plucks some flowers and tosses them into the water, wishing that Derek's spirit might find peace.

Legacy House - Study: Cross (Horton) is enjoying the fact that he is now master of the SF House. As he touches the piano, we see a ghostly figure outside of the window and Cross hears Derek's voice whisper, "Horton". Cross turns to the window but sees nothing.

Legacy House - Kitchen: Nick, Rachel, and Alex are sitting around the table. Kristin arrives to report that the police still haven't found Derek's body. Nick says that they should give up hope of finding Derek alive. Alex still seems in shock. She can't imagine the House without Derek there. Kristin says that she can't imagine that Derek killed himself. Her words cause Alex to close her eyes and grimace. Cross arrives and says that the fact that Derek killed himself should be seen as an admission of guilt.

Legacy House - Derek's Office: Cross disdainfully destroys one of Derek's awards and then tries to use the computer. The words "I saw what you did. I know who you are," fill the screen. Cross is horrified.

Legacy House - Garden: Alex sits alone, crying. Cross finds her. He tells her that Derek's suicide was actually for the best, because Derek had been living his entire life as a lie. Now he can be at peace. He reminds Alex that now they can reform the SF House, and then the rest of the Legacy. He slyly asks her if Nick is good with computers. Alex says yes, but tells him not to underestimate Rachel or Kristin because they were all very talented.

Legacy House - Kitchen: Cross tells the team that Peter Wallace of the London House has appointed him to be Interim Precept of the SF House. The news makes Nick angry. When Cross says that someone has to get the SF House back on track, Nick retorts that he didn't realize that the House had derailed.

Darkside Mansion - Parlor: Horton tells the demon woman that everything is under control. He is now in control of the SF House. Arthur Middleton's surprise testimony against Derek (in "The Traitor") did the trick. The demon woman briefly transforms into Middleton and then reverts to her true form and said that the deception was child's play. Horton reports that he's having trouble with Nick and the demon woman tells him to deal with it. Then she asks how 'her' Alex is doing. Horton reports that Alex's support has been instrumental so far. The demon woman says that Alex still thinks that she's doing something noble for the Legacy. Once Alex learns that she was deceived by the Darkside, she will become their worst enemy. Regretfully, she'll have to be terminated. Horton laughingly says that he'll enjoy that.

Act Two

Legacy House - Kitchen: Nick tells the others that all computer files on Horton have been destroyed. Cross arrives holding a dagger that he says he found stuck in the headboard of his bed. He clearly thinks that Nick is responsible. Nick says that the dagger was one of Derek's favorite mementos. He took it from a warlock they fought five years ago. He jokingly suggests that Derek's ghost stuck the blade in the headboard as a message for Cross to stop sleeping in Derek's bed.

Cross tells them that he's going to makes several procedural changes. He leaves the kitchen and as he starts up the stairs, he hears Derek's voice calling to him. He follows the sound into the Study, where he finds a framed picture of Reed Horton. The picture drips blood when Cross picks it up. Derek's voice whispers, "The blood of the innocent victims."

Legacy House - Control Room: Cross instructs Nick to begin investigating Derek. Next he orders Kristin to begin investigating the Boston House. Without the knowledge of Jane Witherspoon, he has downloaded all of the Boston House computer files to the SF House computer. Kristin is outraged and refuses to help. Cross grabs at her and Nick jumps in, spoiling for a fight. Alex intervenes and both Nick and Kristin leave

Legacy House - Nick's Bedroom: Nick is practicing his punches on a punching bag. Suddenly, the lights go out. He turns them on and is astonished to see Derek standing in the room.

Act Three

Derek assures Nick that he's not a ghost. The SF House is filled with secret passages and tunnels. Furthermore, the man posing as Franklin Cross is actually Reed Horton, somehow summoned out of Hell. Derek staged his own death in order to flush out Horton. He filled his gun with blanks and waited until high tide before going out to the cliff. At first Nick is skeptical, but when Derek announces that he's going after Horton, Nick agrees to join in.

Legacy House - Office: Alex finds Cross in Derek's Office. He tells her that Nick is a complete loss, but Kristin may be brought around to their way of thinking. Alex confronts him and says that won't happen if he insists on having Kristin investigate the Boston House. Suddenly, the demon woman appears and tries to convince Alex that it is all for the best. Alex is alarmed at the way the woman appeared out of nowhere. She does not appear to be convinced by their persuasions.

Legacy House - Control Room: Nick is researching Cross when Cross suddenly arrives and confronts him. They argue. When Cross banishes Nick from the SF House, Nick hits him and leaves. Alex arrives and becomes furious when she learns that Nick was fired.

Arthur Middleton's House: Derek discovers that Middleton is missing. He searches the house. He has a vision of Middleton's murder, but cannot see the murderer's face.

Act Four

Legacy House - Foyer: As Alex tells Rachel and Kristin that Nick has been fired, Cross confronts them all. He says that the entire Legacy has needed a good shaking up for years. Once they fix the SF House, they will rejuvenate the rest of the Legacy. Alex supports him.

Legacy House - Derek's Office: Rachel asks Cross if he is familiar with the legend of Procrustea's Bed. Procrustea invited his guests to sleep in his bed, but then chopped off their legs. He was killed by Theseus, an early member of the Legacy. Alarmed by the message Rachel is sending him, Cross leaves her alone.

Arthur Middleton's House: Derek returns to the house with Nick. They find a security tape that reveals that Horton murdered Middleton while posing as Cross. The murder weakened him so much that it made his façade of Cross flicker. They realize that this is Horton's weakness.

Legacy House - Library: Nick purposely tries to provoke Cross into a fight. He attacks Cross with a knife and stabs him a few times. When the rest of the team finally breaks down the door, Nick flees through a window.

Legacy House - Guest Quarters (?): Derek is preparing special bullets. Nick enters through an exterior door and says that Horton "flickered like a TV set" when he was stabbed. Derek reports that the police have found the body of the real Franklin Cross out in the Bay. He tells Nick that he has filled the bullets with some of Horton's physical remains. Squeamishly, Nick asks if Derek dug up Horton's body. Derek replies that Horton had been cremated. Derek merely 'borrowed' some of the ashes. He hopes that since Horton is now a spectral being, being shot with his own physical remains will destroy him.

Legacy House - Library: Cross tells the remaining team members that he has summoned a security team from London to capture Nick. At that moment, Nick arrives and confronts him. Derek enters from the second floor. Everyone is shocked to see Derek alive. Derek tells Alex that she has been deceived by the Darkside. He announces that Cross is actually Reed Horton. As proof, he attempts to play the tape of Middleton's murder. Horton magically erases the tape. Derek reveals that the police have found the body of the real Franklin Cross. He aims his gun and announces that he is going to kill Horton - for the second time. He shoots, causing Horton to revert to his true appearance.

Derek tells Alex that the Darkside would have killed her as soon as they had finished with her. He shoots Horton again, but Horton merely taunts Derek by saying that he has seen Winston in Hell. Winston is holding a place there for Derek. Derek shoots Horton again and again and shows, "Next time you see him, tell him I said hello."

Horton shoots an energy bolt at Derek but Alex dives in the way and is hit instead. Derek shoots him once again. Horton says that he has a score to settle with Derek and then laughs and vanishes before Derek can shoot again.

Darkside Mansion: The once elegant mansion is in terrible disarray. It obviously hasn't been inhabited for years. Alex and Derek search the mansion for any sign of life, but find nothing. Alex is bewildered. Derek tells her that the demon woman will undoubtedly confront them again.

Legacy House - Foyer: Derek and Alex return and are joined by the rest of the team. Rachel apologizes to both Derek and Nick for not believing in them. Derek reacts coldly. He urges them all to put the events behind them. Alex says that she is struggling with intense mixed emotions. Kristin hugs Derek but he is cool towards her. However, when Alex attempts to apologize again, Derek hugs her with genuine warmth and asks if she is all right. He urges her to get some rest.

As he watches them all depart, Derek thinks,

"There are thinks in all of our pasts that would alter our perceptions of each other. Some of these may come to light. Some will go unspoken forever. I only hope when we are confronted by these revelations, we don't forget the trust and bonds we've worked so hard to forge."

The shot shows the flames springing to life in the demon woman's urn.


Description last revised: 27 Dec 2000