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42. Trapped

Season: 2
First Air Date: 10 August 1997 (Showtime)
Alternate Title(s): Der lange Arm des Boesen (German)
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Good Clip Show. The sepulchers and Winston are after Derek again.


Derek de Lint

"Dr. Derek Rayne, Ph D"

Helen Shaver "Dr. Rachel Corrigan, MD"
Martin Cummins "Nick Boyle"
Robbi Chong "Alexandra (Alex) Moreau"
Daniel J. Travanti "William Sloan" (London House Precept)
Patrick Fitzgerald "Father Philip Callaghan" 
Alexandra Purvis "Katherine (Kat) Corrigan"
Guest Actors


Co-Executive Producer Garner Simmons
Co-Executive Producer Grant Rosenberg
Producer Robert Petrovicz

Michael Sadowski
Excerpts by Brad Wright, Garner Simmons, Grant Rosenberg, Robert Masello, Mike Berman, and Bill Bleich

Director Graeme Lynch
This description by: Kris Kroner (1997) - Note: This episode was a "Clip Show"- meaning that the plot includes scenes from several previously aired episodes. I have noted which episode each clip comes from by indicating the title of the show in *italics.*


Stormy Evening - Derek's Office

Derek walks around his office looking worried. He opens his father Winston's journal and looks through it, stopping when he finds a picture tucked in the pages. It's of Derek, when he was about 15, standing with his father in Peru.

Clip: Winston Rayne turns a key and unlocks a sepulcher. A demon, manifesting himself only as a skeleton, comes out of the chest and proceeds to attack Winston. *Pilot -Season 1*

Control Room - Later that same night

A sepulcher is being scanned by Derek using the ultraviolet light device. The blue light produced by the scanner washes over Derek as he looks worriedly at the chest. The results come up on the control room monitor, indicating that all seals are intact and their integrity is 100%.

Derek looks closely at the sepulcher and runs his manicured hands over the wood. On his right ring finger he wears the large, blue stone, precept Legacy ring.

Clip: Winston, opens the chest while young Derek pleads with him to leave the cave. Winston turns his back to the chest and calls to Derek, just as the mist and light start emanating from the sepulcher's keyhole and top. *Pilot*

Alex comes in, sees what he's doing and asks if he ever feels like burying them in the desert like nuclear waste. He tells her that's been done before and they were found anyway. He was with his father when that one was uncovered 33 years ago that very night. His father lost his life that night.

He tells Alex that he has a bad feeling and an earlier premonition told him to check to see if the seals were OK. She asks if he needs any help and he tells her he's finished.

She tells Derek that Rachel got home safely before the worst of the storm hit and Nick had just called. He picked up Sloan, "our esteemed leader," about 10 minutes prior, but was waiting until the weather cleared before they take off again. The storm is raging outside and Derek mentions it probably would be hours before they'd get to the house.

Derek wryly says that the inquisition begins when Sloan gets there. He assures Alex that whatever Sloan wants he'll take care of it. Alex is visibly relieved.

Suddenly, as the storm intensifies, a lightening bolt strikes the house and the power goes out.

Derek is surprised the emergency generators don't kick in, "that's odd."

Suddenly, in the dark room, an enormous bolt of lightening comes through the house from above and strikes the sepulcher. Derek and Alex are knocked unconscious and the sepulcher begins to glow from within, mist and light coming from the top and the keyhole.

Legacy House foyer - later that night

As flashes of lightening periodically illuminate the house, Nick and Sloan enter, using flashlights to light their way. They call out to Derek and Alex, but get no response. Nick, surprised, comments, "there's no welcome wagon." Sloan reminds Nick that his visit isn't exactly a social call to which Nick quietly comments that his visits rarely are.

They move slowly into the foyer, and Sloan's flashlight finds red writing on the floor. "A son is on his father's path. Beware the wrath."

He tells Nick to keep his gun handy because they may have an uninvited guest.

Nick looks at the writing, turns away and says nothing. The two men continue their slow search of the rooms by flashlight.

It becomes increasingly obvious the house is in total disarray. Contents of rooms are strewn everywhere. They surmise that someone is looking for something and whoever it is may still be there so they move slowly and quietly.

Sloan then accuses Nick of knowing that it was Christina that left the message on the floor. Nick evades the comment and replies that it might be a friend of Derek's , and that so many people come through the house its hard to keep track.

Sloan laughs sardonically, "She's not a person, she's a ghost. Derek never told me he knew her." Nick continues to evade Sloan's comments and tells him he can't recall if he knows who she is. Sloan isn't happy that she came to Derek and he never told him and seems annoyed at Nick's reticence at telling him what he knows.

Clip: Piano playing wakes Derek up from sleep. As he goes downstairs, he sees no one at the piano and yet it plays. As soon as he gets downstairs, it stops. Then he sees an old woman in a long dress, who speaks in rhyme,

"When your father was in need I came, Christina is my given name."

Derek protests she's not real and she continues.

"Real enough for you to see, what evil awaits the Legacy.
Your father did a father slay, but once again, he comes this way."

*Reckoning- Season 1*

Nick asks Sloan how he can be so sure it was Christina and Sloan tells him Christina came to him too.

Nick finds Alex's jacket and cell phone and is worried since she doesn't leave home without the phone. Sloan believes she's still in the house and that whoever else is there has probably been there before. He thinks it's some old Legacy enemy looking for revenge.

Clip: The ghost of Joshua Cantwell, wearing black robes, suddenly appears in the control room. Alex tries to flee but is seized and dragged back. *Reckoning- Season 1*

Sloan now suspects that many things have happened in the house that Derek never told him. Nick studies him carefully as Sloan wonders why Derek has withheld information from him for so long.

Nick , in Derek's defense, "He holds his cards next to his chest, that's his way."

Sloan scoffs that'll be Derek's downfall. Sloan demands Nick tell him the truth, telling him he has no choice since someone's life may depend on it, or they may be dead already.

The storm continues and lightening continues to flash outside. The men get to the power box/circuit breakers and see that the wires are melted together. They figure it was from the lightening but Nick is surprised since the control room is shielded. Sloan comments that it may be improbable, but not impossible, and asks Nick how many improbable events he's witnessed in the house.

Just then, the flashlight illuminates a Legacy precept's ring amidst the items on the floor. It's Derek's and Sloan figures that since Derek had such a track record with the Legacy, it could be any number of evil entities gunning for him.

Clip: The ghost of Levon Soltar enters the Legacy House and tells Derek and Nick he intends on taking the house to the dark side. He overcomes Derek and Nick tossing them against the wall, gloating that the house will fall. *Dark Priest- Season 1*

Sloan guesses the devil himself has issues he wants to discuss with Derek. Nick looks off in the distance and agrees.

Clip: Dr. Praetorius is in the Legacy House. Derek accuses him of being the devil himself which causes the doctor to laugh evilly. His skull is visible and his eyes glow red. He delights in telling Derek that he knows his father Winston well and sees him often. He asks Derek if he wants to see him. Then he laughs and vanishes. *Dark Angel- Season 2*

Sloan is astounded that Dr Praetorius told Derek he'd seen his father in hell and yet kept it to himself.

Nick defends him saying that Derek didn't buy that explanation. Sloan agrees, saying, "of course, not given how strongly he defends his father's reputation." Nick looks puzzled, "Sure. Whatever that means." Sloan doesn't explain.

Meanwhile: As Sloan and Nick slowly continue their search, Derek carries the unconscious Alex up a flight of stairs in another part of the house amidst lighting flashes.

The men reach the library and find it trashed. As Sloan wonders what the search was for he discovers Winston's journal with several pages torn out. A quick glance at the pages remaining indicate that the section torn out relates to Joshua Cantwell, Rachel's grandfather. He speculates it's his ghost coming back for revenge since he and Winston had a deadly encounter years ago.

Nick tells Sloan that he already tried and that's when Christina first contacted Derek. It was her warning that saved them. Sloan isn't happy that Derek never told him that either.

Clip: Derek, wearing a blue robe, looks at Christina as she recites,

"Your father did a father slay, but once again he comes this way.
One whose daughter was beguiled, now seeks to steal a little child. Deny him this and you compel, his soul to burn in fiery hell.
Beware the wrath."

Sloan realizes that Derek knew someone or something was coming. Nick , still defending his precept, simply comments that Derek must have forgotten to mention it.

Attic- Legacy House

Alex wakes up and finds herself sitting in a chair with her hands tied behind her. Derek lights candles all around the group of 5 sepulchers and while reading from the torn pages of Winston's journal, arranges the chests on the floor.

The keys to the chests hang around his neck. Alex struggles and asks Derek what he's doing. She looks at her disgustedly, gets up and walks over to her and quickly backhands her across the face telling her to shut up. She asks why and he tells her he never finished what he started.

Halls and rooms- Legacy House

Sloan and Nick continue the search and discuss that it's easy to slip to the darkside. It could even be another member of the Legacy since they've gone bad before. Sloan tells Nick that the power of the darkside can be irresistibly seductive to any one of them.

Clip: Angeline D'Arcy, who was a Legacy precept, kidnapped Derek's sister, Ingrid. Derek, Sloan, Rachel and Nick come in to a room looking for Ingrid and encounter Angeline. She tells him that the darkside is more interesting than the light and encourages them to embrace it because the darkside's power can change the world. *Ransom- Season 2*

Thinking aloud, Sloan suggests it also could be someone else. He brings up Philip Callahan, suggesting that he couldn't stand the pressures of the job and left because he was afraid.

Clip: Philip walks in the Legacy garden with Alex. He appears despondent and tells her about his brother Michael who was killed by an IRA terrorist while he was trying to help someone. Philip wonders what sort of god allows that to happen. He doubts his calling. *Reckoning*

Nick defends Philip saying that he had reasons for quitting but cowardice wasn't one of them.

Clip: Philip lies in a hospital bed talking to Derek about how they are called to the Legacy. He tells Derek he tries to get away from it but it always finds him again. Derek says it's destiny. "We make some choices on our own but others are forced on us." After Derek leaves the room, Ravenwood's ghost comes in trying to get Philip to absolve him, telling him he'll kill everyone close to him. Philip pretends he's going to absolve him but instead chants, "My soul for yours, your body for mine, " and takes in Ravenwood's spirit. *Repentance-Season 2*

Nick tells Sloan as they continue the house search that Philip put his life on the line, body and soul and that's all that can be expected. Sloan tells Nick that no one appreciates the sacrifices more than he does because no one appreciates how much courage the job requires.

Attic - Legacy House

Alex struggles against the ropes as Derek draws a pentagram on the floor with chalk. He looks crazed and disheveled and he mumbles, "Truth has need of the faith. I have need of a sacrifice. A sacrifice will open this gate to hell." He congratulates himself, muttering, "Derek you've done so well you've found all the sepulchers. Everything I've dreamed of doing while I was still alive. My life's work is finished and I will realize my dream of a new legacy, a new purpose, a new faith. Faith has need of the whole truth. I know what the new faith is and I'm going to show it to everyone."

As he mumbles and works on the pentagram, Alex struggles mightily against the ropes, finally freeing herself. She grabs the chair she was sitting in and slugs Derek across the head with it. He falls, stunned, on the floor and Alex apologizes to him as she tries to take the sepulcher keys off his neck. He wakes up, grabs her neck in a strangle hold, telling her she's been so rude when he's been trying to make her famous. They struggle and she grabs an object from the attic floor and hits him on the head, knocking him out. She runs out of the attic grabbing her neck.

Outside Alex's bedroom - Legacy House

As they enter Alex's room, which is also torn apart, Sloan tells Nick to lose the attitude, since they're in this together and if they don't cooperate it could end up unpleasantly. He asks if Alex has any enemies living or dead that might have come in to get her.

Nick, beginning to cooperate with Sloan more willingly, tells him about their recent encounter with the shaman.

Clip: A shaman, Daniel, chants and calls on the spirits to bring on the lightening and thunder on his enemies. He wants to have his enemies rid of their thoughts. He appears suddenly as a ghost in Alex's room while she's dreaming. An ornate bottle that he had given her glows. *Spirit Thief-Season 2*

Nick reassures Sloan that they put him in his place. When Sloan worries that it might not have been permanent, Nick tells him it seemed to be at the time.

Clip: Derek runs up the stairs to the rooms where Alex is being held and tells Daniel that he's there to free the spirits from the bondage of Daniel Euwara, Mindoki witch. He chants the names of the zombies families which releases them from bondage to Daniel. They put Daniel's soul in the cauldron before disappearing. *Spirit Thief*

Sloan warns, "I've seen too many times where nothing is permanent."

Nick glances at him, "Not even death, right?"

They hear a door rattling and Alex falls on the floor moaning, nearly unconscious. She tells Nick that Derek has all five sepulchers and begs Nick to stop Derek. Then she loses consciousness.

Alex lies in bed unconscious. Nick covers her with a blanket, says she's in shock and could have a concussion. Sloan asks about the sepulchers. Nick tells him they found the 5th one 2 years ago in Ireland. Sloan is obviously upset since he didn't know all 5 were found. He asks Nick incredulously if he knows how dangerous they are.

Clip: All the legacy members are on the roof of the house, with all 5 sepulchers. The demons were released from them and manifest themselves as people the Legacy members know. Philip chants to Azezel commanding him to return to hell. Derek cuts off the demon's head with a sword. Azezel and the other demons fly around madly as the Legacy members turn the keys in the chests, trapping the demons again. *Pilot*

Nick remembers, "I know, they create a portal to hell." Sloan tells him they do a lot more than that and guesses that Derek doesn't even suspect how many different ways they work. Nick reminds him it was Derek's decision to keep them at the Legacy house. Sloan, very upset, tells him no one should have all five.

He tells Nick to stay with Alex. Nick offers his gun to Sloan, "you might need it."

Sloan declines saying that Nick may need it too, and leaves.

Sloan moves down a hall and sees Derek, bleeding from the head, muttering, "We have to stop him. He has all 5 keys. He ransacked the house and tortured us until we gave him the keys."

Sloan reaches for Derek, "tell me who we're dealing with." Derek looks intently at Sloan and tells him he knows who it is. Then, suddenly, he hits Sloan and grins, triumphantly announcing, "It's me!"

Attic - Legacy House

Derek drags the unconscious Sloan into the attic, while he mutters to himself, "The same eternal balance, good and evil, beginning and end, faith has need of the whole truth." He tries to fit a key into one of the chests. "I have the key to the truth."

Clip: Winston finds the sepulcher. "I need to find the whole truth! Good and evil, the same eternal balance. Burying something this powerful is like damming a river with stones. Somehow the river finds its way. I need to find the whole truth."

He inserts the key and turns it and the demon is freed. Young Derek wants to leave and Winston reaches for him as the demon, with a ghostly howl, comes from behind Winston and drags him away. Winston gives Derek the key and he runs back to the chest, locks it and returns to his father, who is nearly dead. Winston, struggling with the words, gives Derek his Legacy ring saying, "The burden is yours now." *Pilot*

In the attic, awash in candle light, Derek fumbles with the keys, not able to find the right key for each lock. While he tries the keys, he whispers, "The burden is all yours."

Sloan regains consciousness, looks around and begs him not to open the sepulchers. He begs him to remember who he is, "You're Derek Rayne."

Still fumbling with the keys in the locks, he looks up disdainfully, "I'm not Derek. I'm Winston Rayne."

Sloan implores Derek to fight what has control of him.

Meanwhile: Alex regains consciousness and tells Nick that Derek has gone mad and has all the sepulchers and keys and plans on opening them. She begs him to find and stop him.

Clip: A spirit manifesting itself as Winston speaks to Derek in the library, "I tried to get you to join me. It's power I offer, don't reject me. Together we can herald the coming of the eternal night." He says it won't be the first time that a legacy house swears allegiance to what's right. Derek tells the spirit he wants nothing from him and that he knows he's not his father. "My father knew the truth, you're not him." *Pilot*

Sloan, trying to reason with Derek, reminds him who he is and that the sepulchers are a gateway to hell. Derek disagrees saying they're beautiful.

Derek/Winston, with a mad gleam in his eyes, gloats, "I've been in hell a long time and have friends here." He gets up and moves menacingly towards Sloan, "Tonight with your help I'm bringing them back to this world." Sloan shouts, "You're not your father, you're Derek Rayne!"

He grabs Sloan saying he's in his way. Just then, Nick comes in with his gun drawn. He points it at Derek and orders him to back away from Sloan.

Derek/Winston, looking puzzled, dismisses the order, "Mind your own business, whoever you are."

Nick, advancing on the men, warns, "Back away, I'll kill you if I have to, Derek."

Derek pulls Sloan in front of him as a shield and Sloan implores Winston, "He'll kill your son. How can you let that happen? Winston, you could be the head of the legacy right now. Tonight. Take me, take me!"

Derek/Winston lets Sloan loose and a mist comes from Derek's body and becomes one with Sloan.

Derek falls to floor unconscious. Sloan moves to the sepulchers. Nick checks to be sure Derek is still alive.. As Sloan begins to turn the keys, opening the sepulchers one by one, Nick looks up and implores him not to open them.

Sloan fits each key perfectly with the right sepulcher. He looks at Nick as he turns the last key, "I can't let this evil loose in this world, Nick. I have to take it back. Its the only way."

The last sepulcher is opened and the light and mist come from each of them and Sloan is sucked in the sepulcher closest to him.

Derek's office - Legacy House, Daytime

Derek looks out of the window and worriedly tells Alex and Nick that he doesn't know what to tell his family or whether to tell them at all. Their whole perception of the family's history changed in the night. Nick and Alex reassure him that they all stand for the same thing and will stand with him.

Alex suggests Derek take time off but he refuses saying he'll adjust, "I'll be fine."

Nick and Alex depart the office and leave Derek to his own thoughts.

Derek moves to the desk and writes in the journal. Voiceover:

"The knowledge that my father was in league with the forces of darkness was the most heartbreaking revelation in my life. But William Sloan's courage gives me a renewed faith in our cause and as far as I'm concerned, William Sloan will always be a member of the Legacy and I'll find a way to free him from wherever he is trapped."

Description last revised: October 1997