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77. Unholy Congress (Part 1 of 2)

Season: 4
First Air Date: 30 July 1999 (Sci Fi Channel)
Alternate Title(s): Der Seelensammler (German)
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Derek Rayne Photos: 16 photos (w/ Philip, Nick, Church, Reed)
Real™ Videoclip(s): Derek and Nick - male bonding
Derek and Philip - uncovering the history behind the malevolent spirit of the week.

An ancient Boston catacomb is unearthed, releasing a malevolent spirit that may threaten The Legacy. Patrick Fitzgerald returns for a guest appearance as Father Philip Callaghan.



Derek de Lint

"Dr. Derek Rayne, Ph D"

Helen Shaver "Dr. Rachel Corrigan, MD"
Martin Cummins "Nick Boyle"
Robbi Chong "Alexandra (Alex) Moreau"
Kristin Lehman "Kristin Adams "
Guest Actors


Patrick Fitzgerald "Father Philip Callaghan" 
Mark Lindsay Chapman "Doctor Benjamin Church"
Elizabeth Shepherd "Boston Precept, Jane Witherspoon"
Tim Cadeny "Ethan Adams" (Kristin's Brother)
Simon MacCorkindale "Horton"
Co-Executive Producer Garner Simmons
CO-Executive Producer Grant Rosenberg
Producer -

Story by Richard B. Lewis & David Tynan
Teleplay by David Tynan

Director Mike Rohl
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Tracey -



Underground Tunnels, Boston

Maguire, an engineer working on the tunnels, leads his friend Ed through the rubble strewn on the tunnel floor. He has found something and is intent on showing his friend. Going deeper into the tunnels they enter a series of chambers and Ed, looking around, asks Maguire what it is. Maguire says that Ed is the historian and he should be able to tell him. Ed retorts that they are 200 feet below the city and there shouldn't be anything there.

They move across the chamber to a wall and notice a tendril of smoke escaping through a hole. Maguire tells Ed that it is probably gas and the crack in the wall was caused by the constant drilling from the construction area. Ed moves closer to the wall and peers at the words written there: DR MORDECAI CHURCH, 1776. TENEBRAE AETERNAE. Maguire asks who he was, but Ed has no idea, simply stating that he must have been important to warrant such a burial place. Ed spots something through the crack in the wall and reaches a hand inside. He is suddenly pulled against the wall and cries out that something has him. Maguire, believing he is playing a joke, tells him it's not funny. There is a flash of light and Ed is dragged through the wall. An explosion throws Maguire back as he rushes to grab Ed's ankles to pull him clear. The wall crumbles in and Maguire turns to see a man, dressed in 18th Century clothes, standing there. He screams for help, but the man uses supernatural force to pull Maguire towards him. It is Mordecai Church.

Mordecai's Church, Boston

Mordecai, calling himself The Doctor, preaches before a group of enraptured followers in a dark room lit by candles. He tells them that they are afraid and that fear has been caused by leaders and neighbors who foretell the destruction of the world. Mordecai urges them not to be afraid and to embrace chaos, as that is the beginning of life rather than the end.

As he continues his sermon, Philip Callaghan enters and comes slowly down the stairs to the right. Mordecai asks which of his followers will be the first to "open their heart and feel the touch of heaven". A young woman, Beth, quickly volunteers. Looking pleased, Mordecai approaches her as she kneels and places his hand on her head. Another follower seeks Mordecai's attention and he leaves Beth and touches a young man on the head.

Philip quickly goes up to Beth and tells her she needs spiritual help and counseling instead of the words from "this fraud". Beth argues that Mordecai is not a fake and he understands. Philip tries to convince Beth that Mordecai manipulates and exploits human weaknesses.

Mordecai spots Philip and asks him what he fears. Philip replies: "Parasites like you." He accuses Mordecai of offering his followers "empty words" and "false hopes". Mordecai argues that Philip offers "peace after death" and that he is offering sanctuary from a world of fear. He looks at Beth and asks who she believes in - him or Philip. Philip pleads with Beth to turn away from Mordecai, but Beth chooses him over Philip. Mordecai asks Philip to join them, but Philip retorts: "Not bloody likely." He leaves.

Alleyway near the Church.

Beth walks with Mordecai in the darkness and tells him that Philip had no right to speak that way. Mordecai tells her that the priesthood has always had doubts about his methods. He goes on to tell Beth the story of a man from the past that once walked these streets along with followers who believed in him completely. Beth tells Mordecai that she believes in him in the same way. They stop walking and Mordecai turns to Beth, placing his hands on either side of her face. Mordecai tells her that the man took the souls of his followers and slaughtered them. Beth starts to become afraid and asks Mordecai what he's doing. Mordecai tells her that when he spoke of 'need' he meant his 'need'. Beth screams as Mordecai drains her soul.

Construction Site, Boston

Jane Witherspoon, Precept of the Boston Legacy House, stands near the construction site along with her colleague, Chris Corman. They watch as a gurney with a covered body is pulled along by a couple of paramedics. Jane asks the site foreman if she can look at the body and he agrees, pulling back the cover. The foreman identifies the body as Maguire. Jane peers closely at the round burn marks on Maguire's scalp and asks the foreman to account for them. He tells Jane that they have been hitting pockets of methane deposits, sickened he moves away from the body. Jane is unconvinced by his explanation and Chris Corman remarks that the wounds look like they have been caused by a human hand. Jane agrees, but thinks it is unlikely the hand was human.

Boston Legacy House

Jane pours a drink from a decanter and hands the glass to Philip. She tells him that the disappearances and unexplained marks all point to the presence of something evil. Philip argues that there are always signs of evil and that is the state of the world they live in. Jane smiles and asks him to spare her the platitudes - there is something more to this than the breakdown of society in general. Philip sarcastically wonders if the Legacy expects an exorcism to be the answer. Jane tells Philip that his work takes him out on to the streets and that Derek Rayne always had faith in his abilities. Philip argues that he is a simple priest and no longer part of the Legacy. Holding up his left hand, which is heavily bandaged, he tells Jane that he can't even play soccer without breaking something. Jane tries to make Philip feel guilty by telling him that some of his parishioners have gone missing, but Philip warns her that guilt won't work as it was practically invented by Catholics. He further tells Jane that if there is something evil present, he will opt to fight it with faith and Jane should rely on her own people.

SF Legacy House

Derek asks Kristin why Jane thinks the supernatural is to blame for the disappearances. Nick adds that people go missing all the time in big cities. Kristin agrees but tells them two bodies have surfaced with strange markings. Derek comments that if Jane is so concerned they will do everything they can to help. Kristin tells them she is heading back to Boston and she will keep them apprised of further developments. Nick tells Kristin that he was just getting used to the idea of having her back in the SF House. Kristin stands still and closes her eyes; taking a deep breath she tells them that she will be staying in Boston.

Later, Nick, Derek and Kristin are having a drink in front of a roaring fire. Derek asks her if she is sure this is what she wants. Kristin tells them she wants to spend time with her brother, Ethan and that she has been feeling homesick lately. Nick tells her he understands and Derek assures her they will support her decision, telling her to meet with Philip Callaghan if she needs to talk.

Boston Tea Room

Kristin is having lunch with her brother Ethan who asks her if she really intends breaking the family tradition by leaving the Legacy. Kristin confirms she's already left, has been offered a job at Boston College and is looking forward to leading a normal life. She asks Ethan when she can meet the girl he keeps talking about. Ethan's expression clouds over and he tells Kristin that Suzanne is hanging about with a new guru calling himself The Doctor and is so enamored with him she thinks he is the Second Coming. Ethan tried to talk to her without success and hopes that she might listen to Kristin as she pulled him out of a cult (see episode Enlightened One). Kristin agrees to try.

Mordecai's Tomb, Boston

Mordecai leads Suzanne into the chambers beneath the construction site and asks if she knows for whom the tomb was made. She looks embarrassed and says she doesn't know. Mordecai tells her not to feel badly and that innocence is a gift - a rarity in this day and age. He asks Suzanne to pray with all her heart. Suzanne kneels, clasps her hands together and asks what she should pray for. Mordecai comes up behind her and tells her to pray for him. He places a hand on Suzanne's head and absorbs her soul.

SF Legacy House

Derek, a book in his hand, passes the Library door and notices Nick reading some reports. He steps inside and asks Nick if there has been any word from Boston. Nick tells him that Jane sent a report on the missing people case and that she will let them know if there are further developments. Derek puts down the book as Nick hands him the report. Nick looks at the book and reads the title, La Morte D'Arthur, smiling he asks Derek if he is doing some light bedside reading. Derek says he's doing research for a case. Nick, amused, asks if the case involves a sword and a stone. Derek states that he has a theory as to why Arthur's blade was so deadly - it may have been tipped with liquid mercury. Nick wryly comments that his mother always said the old ways were the best ways. Derek tells him she may be right and asks to be kept informed about Boston.

Alleyway, Boston

A young man, Jeremy, walks down the alley. Mordecai appears from the shadows and calls his name. Jeremy asks Mordecai why he is there and he replies that he is tending his flock. He asks Jeremy if he is going to the soup kitchen and he has firsthand knowledge that hunger is a terrible thing. Moving closer to Jeremy, Mordecai tells him that it has been centuries since he had his fill.

A voice from the darkness suddenly calls, "Doctor". Mordecai whirls around and watches as Reed Horton emerges from the shadows.

Jeremy takes the chance to run, but Mordecai goes after him, eventually capturing him in the tunnels. Mordecai urges Jeremy to believe and trust in him. Jeremy says he does believe and Mordecai asks to feel it. Jeremy falls to his knees before him and Mordecai places his hand on Jeremy's head. He asks Jeremy if he believes and Jeremy says he does. A ripple of energy flows through Mordecai and he absorbs Jeremy's soul.

Boston Legacy House

Jane tells Kristin that there have been two more disappearances and Kristin notes that they are all in the same area. Kristin asks if there is more information on the discovered bodies and Jane reveals that the coroner has no idea how the burn marks were made. The police reports are suggesting suicide. Kristin looks thoughtful and says that self-immolation is very rare and unlikely to produce such burns. She tells Jane they are probably looking for a serial killer, however Jane states the police will not make the case a priority since the missing were among the homeless. Kristin argues that it doesn't mean they should stop looking.

Jane moves to sit behind her desk and tells Kristin that she missed her and that she envisioned Kristin would take her place after she retired. Looking shocked, Kristin laughs and says Chris Corman has been there longer than her and he is very capable. Jane agrees, but says she has watched Kristin grow as a member of the family and thinks of her as a daughter. Kristin is very touched by this statement. Jane stands up and unwraps a dagger, telling Kristin that the dagger was given to her by Kristin's father many years ago and that it saved his life. She hands it to Kristin, telling her it to keep it. Kristin refuses to accept it, saying Jane should keep it, as she is not planning on retiring just yet. Kristin turns her attention back to the case and comments that the disappearances all took place around the parish of St Altan's and that they should talk to the priest. Jane warns her that the priest does not get along well with the Legacy.

St Altan's

Kristin and Philip walk through the church grounds in the rain. Kristin tells Philip that she has started to doubt some of the choices she has made in her life and feels that she needs to do something different. Philip asks her why she hasn't and Kristin says it's not easy walking away from the people who rely on her. She asks Philip how he managed to leave. Philip tells her it was a hard decision, but faith won. Kristin says her reasons aren't so noble - she wants to spend time with her family, go on a date and maybe even have children before it is too late. She apologizes to Philip for unloading her feelings on to him, but Philip reminds her that he is a priest and that's his job. Kristin tells him that she isn't sure she wants to leave the Legacy and Philip advises her that she is the only one who can make that decision. He tells her that he will help in anyway he can, except for the date part. Kristin then asks him if he has heard of a man calling himself "The Doctor" and Philip reacts in stunned surprise.

Mordecai's Church

Mordecai is lighting candles and welcomes Philip and Kristin as they descend the steps into the room. Mordecai urges them to think of the place as a sanctuary, but Philip retorts that it is more like a circus tent. Mordecai asks Philip if he has come to join them, but Philip says he is looking for Beth as her parents haven't seen her for days. Mordecai tells him that Beth came to him for guidance and he gave it to her. Philip sarcastically asks if the price for guidance was her life savings. Mordecai accuses Philip of casting stones on his beliefs. He notices Kristin and asks her why she is there. Kristin shows him a picture of Suzanne and says she's looking for her. Mordecai denies having seen her recently, stating that Suzanne was troubled and that he senses turmoil within Kristin. He tells her that he can heal her if she will open her heart to him. Kristin declines and Mordecai tells her that they will look out for Suzanne as these are unsafe times. Mordecai turns away and heads back to the altar, as he reaches it he doubles over in pain, clutching his middle. Kristin asks if he is okay and Mordecai tells her it is an old illness that will pass. As Kristin and Philip prepare to leave, Mordecai turns around and asks Philip if Kristin is just a friend. Philip confirms that she is a friend and "nothing more". Mordecai says he isn't fooled and that lust is the fourth deadly sin. Mordecai, his point made, turns back to the altar as Philip leaves. Once again, Mordecai is doubled by pain and he tells his followers he has to leave for a while. Horton walks in soon after.

SF Legacy House

Nick aims a crossbow, fitted with laser sight, at a target and just misses the bullseye when he fires. Derek comes in and compliments him on his shot. Nick grins and Derek asks if the crossbow isn't a little old-fashioned for him. Nick says he was inspired by the Arthur book Derek was reading. Derek asks if it comes with explosive heads and Nick laughs, saying they are optional. Derek pulls his own gun from its case and Nick comments that it isn't exactly standard issue and wonders whether Derek is still making his own bullets. Derek says home made weaponry has a more personal touch. Nick laughs and asks what Rachel would make of their conversation. Derek says she would probably think they were using weapons as an outlet for sexual frustration. Derek puts on a pair of safety glasses and headphones, aiming the gun. Nick, pulling on his headphones, asks if Derek thinks there is any truth in that. Derek fires the gun, destroying the target completely, he turns to Nick and says: "Certainly not in my case." Nick just grins.

Mordecai's Tomb, Boston

Mordecai, standing before his name plaque, screams that he will be free. He hears a sound and turns to find Reed Horton in the shadows. Horton tells Mordecai that they can help each other, but Mordecai refuses. Horton accuses him of 'slumming' it by taking runaways and the homeless as his victims. Mordecai complains that society is not what it used to be. Horton agrees and tells him that he can provide believers with powerful souls. Horton also tells Mordecai that he knows about the black arts the priests used to imprison him. Holding up a female skull, Horton wonders who she was 200 years ago before Mordecai drained her of life. Mordecai boasts that the woman had a moment of pleasure more powerful that Horton could ever imagine. Horton tells him that the woman and the other victims were buried there to trap him forever and prevent him from straying too far from his tomb. Horton tempts Mordecai by telling him that he can provide the power he needs to escape. Mordecai, intrigued, asks what Horton wants. Horton replies he is seeking revenge on his enemies - he wants Mordecai to take their immortal souls. Mordecai reminds Horton that he could simply take his soul, but Horton laughs and tells him that his soul is already spoken for and that even Hell has a Hell of its own.

Construction Site, Boston

Jane pulls up in her car at night and wanders through the site. Mordecai calls her name and she approaches him asking what information he claims to have regarding the disappearances. She asks how he managed to get hold of her name and phone number. Mordecai, ignoring her questions, asks if she can guess his true identity. She replies that she doesn't have time for riddles. Mordecai tells her the answer is death and asks if she has ever contemplated it. She retorts that she will worry about it when it's time and turns away. Mordecai grabs her and tells her that he has a surprise for her, saying that it is time. He tells her that Horton requested she suffer the "most terrible pain imaginable" and that he has a very good imagination. He begins to absorb her soul.

The following day, Derek and Nick arrive at the crime scene. Jane's body has been nailed to a makeshift cross and the area has been cordoned off by police. Kristin and Chris Corman stand nearby, looking at Jane with sorrowful faces. Derek approaches them, saying that they came as soon as they could. Kristin is very upset and tells Derek that she knew something was wrong, as Jane is never late and didn't answer the phone. Chris tells them they found Jane's car nearby and whoever murdered her had to have been waiting for her. Derek and Nick move closer to examine Jane's body and Derek notices a mark on her collarbone. He recognizes it as the same mark that was left on the bodies of Diana Cross and Arthur Middleton (see episodes The Traitor and Double Cross) both of whom were murdered by Horton. Nick argues that Horton is dead, but Derek seems to think that death is no obstacle for Horton. Nick notices that Jane's scalp also has burn marks and that was something Horton never did in the past. Derek suggests that Horton may have found some new power. Chris Corman comes up to them and announces he's going to keep checking out the area and leaves. Derek and Nick return to Kristin's side and tell her they think that Reed Horton is the culprit. Kristin says they should find him and they all gaze sadly at Jane's body.


A little boy is playing soccer in the park when Mordecai places a foot on the ball, stopping it in its tracks. He bends over, picking up the ball. He tells the boy that he'd kill for a ball like that and asks his name. The boy replies, "Mark" and Mordecai says "like the apostle".  He tells Mark that he will be seeing him one day and hands back the ball. Mark takes it and resumes playing. As Mordecai continues to watch the boy, Horton comes up and comments that while it may be tempting it would be like having a Chinese - he'd be hungry again within an hour. Mordecai ignores the comment and asks Horton why he marked Jane's body before he took her soul. Horton says it was payment for an old debt as Jane worked for the Legacy - an organization sworn to destroy the likes of them. Mordecai reflects that Horton seems to know a lot about them and Horton admits he used to be a member. Mordecai looks at Horton and suddenly realizes that Horton was cast out and that's why Horton hates them so much. Horton declares his intent to destroy them one by one until he has their leader - Derek Rayne. Mordecai remarks it's a pity he can't send Derek straight to Hell, but Horton assures him that Derek will be there before he's finished - only he'll still be alive.

Boston Legacy House

Philip tells Kristin that he used to argue about theology with Jane and that he really liked her. He assures that he will help Kristin in any way he can. Kristin looks at him and asks if he will help her find the killer. Philip grimaces and tells Kristin that isn't "his calling". Kristin tells Philip that Jane found another body near the tunnel excavations before she died and that several of Philip's parishioners have gone missing. Philip asks Kristin if she thinks the disappearances are connected to St Altan's. Kristin hesitates, but tells him that Jane's death was similar to a crucifixion and she may just be seeing evil in everything. Philip asks if she is going to be okay and she nods her head. Philip puts a hand on her shoulder and leaves. Kristin reaches for a file as Ethan comes in and tells her she looks tired. Kristin says she's tired of losing people she loves. Ethan hands her a fax from Nick, asking her to meet them at Boston College Stadium. She kisses Ethan on the forehead and tells him she won't be long.

Boston College Stadium

Kristin walks out on to the stadium field and is startled when Nick and Derek come up behind her. Derek asks her what's she found that is so urgent. Kristin looks confused and asks what he's talking about. Nick says she paged them asking them to meet with her. Kristin argues that it was Nick who faxed her. Derek realizes that they have been set up, just as the floodlights come on. Nick grabs for his gun as they all take cover. Horton's voice sounds over the PA system, telling them he's pleased they could make it. Derek recognizes Horton's voice and asks Nick if he can see him. Kristin notes that he must be in the stands somewhere. Horton comments it is like a family reunion, only someone couldn't make it, but that he doesn't mean Jane since she's dead. Nick takes aim at a bank of floodlights and shoots them out; Horton can just be glimpsed in the darkness behind. Horton continues to goad them by asking who's missing from the family as Nick fires, just missing him. Horton shouts to Derek that he is to come alone to save a life. Derek asks where and Horton tells him to figure it out. Horton waves his arms and the rest of the floodlights go dark - he disappears. Kristin wonders who Horton is talking about and Nick says it must be Jane and that he is rubbing it in that she's dead. Derek disagrees as Horton said it wasn't Jane. Nick points out that she is the only Legacy member missing, but Kristin reminds him that Chris Corman hasn't returned yet.

The Tunnels

Mordecai stands before a hooded captive who is strapped to some sort of torture device. Mordecai wonders aloud if it is painful to have your soul sucked out. He imagines that physical pain must be inconsequential in comparison, but admits he only has second hand knowledge from witnessing the screaming faces of his victims.

Boston Legacy House

Nick tells the others that the police and other Legacy members have been notified of Corman's disappearance. Distraught, Kristin berates herself for leaving him alone when he was so upset about Jane's death. Derek tells her that she couldn't have known this would happen. Kristin argues that she should have known and that Jane was wrong about her. Derek insists they must all stick together as Horton feeds from doubt and mistrust. Nick asks if Corman was investigating any new leads and Kristin tells him that Chris and Jane found a body in the tunnel excavations that may have been connected to the disappearances. Nick reminds them that Horton insisted they should be able to figure out who's missing. Derek asks him to call up Jane's files.

St Altan's

Philip meets with his Monsignor and tells him that an acquaintance looking into the disappearances has been killed. Philip informs the Monsignor that Jane felt the disappearances might have been connected to the catacombs. The Monsignor looks confused and Philip says he must have heard the rumors that their order built the catacombs. The Monsignor replies that they have built catacombs in many cities and what lies buried within them ought to remain buried. Philip asks what kinds of things. The Monsignor ignores him and holds his hand out to be kissed, telling Philip to sleep well. Philip kisses his hand and once the Monsignor has left, he looks around the church thoughtfully.

Boston Legacy House

Nick sits in front of a monitor and comments aloud that there have been eight disappearances, five of which have turned up with burn marks on their scalps. Kristin says that Jane was the only one to also bear Horton's mark. The phone rings - it is Philip for Derek. Derek agrees to meet with him.

St Altan's

Derek tells Philip that he appreciates his help, as Philip approaches him, holding a large book. Philip tells Derek that if the Monsignor finds out that he has the book he'll be running a leper colony in Zimbabwe. Derek tells him to consider it a favor for an old friend who has saved his life from time to time. Philip wryly comments that he thought Catholics had mastered the art of the guilt trip. Derek laughs and Philip shows him the entry in the book entitled, The Trial of Mordecai Church. Derek notes that Mordecai was investigated for treason and that darker secrets were uncovered - he carried out human dissection. Philip tells Derek that Mordecai was attempting to find the human soul and he was obsessed by it. Derek turns his attention back to the book and discovers that Mordecai's followers either disappeared or died - witchcraft was suspected. Then Derek realizes that Mordecai was never sent to Europe for trial - he was executed in Boston and buried in the catacombs. Derek notes that the recent bodies were found around the excavations and thinks that Horton may have found Mordecai's tomb, and is using him. Derek asks Philip where Mordecai is buried, but Philip says he can only make a rough guess as to the whereabouts of the catacombs.


Derek and Kristin make their way along the dark tunnels, holding flashlights in front of them. A tracking device in Kristin's other hand begins to beep. Derek asks if it is Nick and Kristin says he's on the move. Kristin remarks to Derek that Horton asked him to come alone in order to kill him, but Derek assures her he doesn't plan on going without a fight. He holds up a gun. Kristin reminds him that bullets have no effect on Horton, but Derek informs her that the bullets contain mercury vapor, which will ignite on impact. Kristin agrees that will slow him down, but what about Corman. Derek says they have to take the risk. They move further into the tunnels and hear a male voice cry out for help. Derek tells Kristin to wait there for him and he goes on alone.

Derek enters a chamber and Horton comes out from behind the torture contraption. Derek tells him to let Corman go. Horton refuses and calls for Kristin to come out of hiding. Derek warns him to keep Kristin out of it, but Horton insists she be part of the 'fun' and Derek surrender or he will kill the captive. Derek tells Horton that he knows his weaknesses and that he can disable him. He trains the gun on Horton. Horton reminds Derek of the methane deposits and warns that he will cause an explosion that will kill them all. Nick comes up behind Horton and aims his crossbow, telling him that his weapon will cause no sparks. Nick orders him to release Corman. Horton gleefully tells them that they have made a mistake and he pulls back the captive's hood to reveal Ethan - Kristin's brother.

Horrified, Kristin begs Horton to release him and Derek reminds Horton that his fight is with them. Horton retorts that they should have thought about that before. He apologizes to Kristin and tells her Derek is to blame. Saying goodbye to Ethan, he places his hand over Ethan's heart. Ethan screams in agony, as Nick fires the crossbow. Derek fires at Horton and he disappears in a cloud of flame. Ethan slumps to the side - dead.

Continued in the next episode ...

Description last revised: 22 July 2002